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Monday, April 14, 2008


On Saturday, I celebrated my 27th birthday! Oh my gosh, I can't believe it. I actually feel kind of old! Tim, of course, had to work, as he is in the final lap of tax season, so...we went out to dinner and on Sunday night we had a few friends over for cake & ice cream. It was really fun. I just can't believe I'm 27.
P.S. A word to the wise: do not marry a tax attorney if your birthday is April 12. It's not the best timing. Other than that, they make great husbands!

Trip to Orangevale

In March, I went to visit one of my favorite people, Elizabeth (and of course, Tommy & Jason). We had a great time. Jason did not really know what to think of a wild man like Brecken. Brecken sort of terrorized Jason by taking his toys and talking loudly at inopportune times. But I'm sure in a couple years, Jason will appreciate my party boy, right?

Baby & Me Swim Lessons

I decided to take a Baby & Me Swimming Lessons class with Brecken. It's about time to start working on his water skills if he's going to be a water polo player like his dad. He loved the water! And I had a great time, too.

Amy's Visit

My sister Amy came to spend her spring break with us in San Luis. We had a great time because she is such an adorable sweetie. She was very patient about scheduling her sight-seeing around Brecken's naps. We loved having her and I am trying to convince her to come back.

Our New "House"

So, we've finally spread our wings and left the nest...again. We moved into our own little apartment. It's definitely a step down from our beautiful house in Utah, but it works. And besides, brown shag carpet and popcorn ceilings aren't that bad.
It's a humbling experience. :)

Watching the Elephant Seals

Brecken and I went for a little hike with some friends to see the elephant seals during their prime mating season. There were tons of them! Brecken liked the hike, but didn't care about the seals that much.