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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Sleepless in Seattle

Tim and I took a little vacation to Seattle. I had never been there and we have family & friends we could visit. It was beautiful! I loved the greenery and the mountains right next to the water. It was so pretty.

We went hiking, went to Pike Place Market (where we saw them actually throw fish), rode a ferry, went to the top of the Columbia Tower (taller than the Space Needle--and cheaper), went to the Science Museum, went to an island, and had lots of good food. It was a perfect vacation...except that traveling threw off Brecken's schedule and he got back at us by giving up sleep altogether.
We saw our good friend from Laramie, Mike, his wife, Claudia, and their adorable baby, Michael (or "Mikito"). It was really fun to reconnect with them.

Here is my dear friend, Gwen Bushey. She is an excellent cook, hostess and hiker. We picked blackberries by hand at a local organic farm, which made me really appreciate the work that goes into getting fresh produce. It's kind of a dangerous process.
We also stayed with Tim's sister, Alyson, and her family, the Sweetnams. Thanks to Alyson's Korean roots, we got to eat authentic Korean food, shop at a Korean market, and watch Korean soaps (shockingly, even more cheesey than American ones). I found out I like "Milkis" (soda plus milk: 2 things I don't normally like that taste really good together). And Kacy, Michael & Bailey were so great w/ Brecken!
You will notice Brecken is looking very alert after snacking on the local berries. He's such a good boy, but a much more difficult traveler than he used to be. He screamed for about 30 mins. straight on the plane (which was delayed an hour and a half), much to the joy of our fellow passengers.