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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

2 Weeks to Go

Tim & I finished off the month of July by going to see Weezer at the Mid-State Fair. They were fantastic, as always.

Which brings us current to today. I have (roughly) 2 weeks to go until this little man makes his appearance. I am seriously huge, but carry it all in my stomach, which makes it so that (as my mother-in-law pointed out) my stomach actually precedes me into a room. It's like it is its own entity. I'm surprised there aren't moons circling it or something. But as uncomfortable as it is, I am in no rush to get him out. I'm glad to have a couple weeks to get myself and my house ready, plus really focus on Brecken. So my next post will probably be in a couple months and be all about the new baby. Yeah!!

Vegas, Baby!

To celebrate my very pure and wholesome sister's 21st birthday, we decided to take a little girl's trip to Vegas, of course. Are we trying to corrupt the one genuinely good girl in our family? Apparently. But it was her choice, she'd been dreaming of it for years.
We had a great time, seeing the sights, working on our tans at the pool, going to some shows, and, most of all, being together. I would have to say that being 7 months pregnant in Vegas makes it a different and not altogether more pleasant experience....

Master Disaster, as they say

In June, all my wildest dreams came true...sort of. I FINALLY graduated w/ my master's of science degree in Psychology. But, alas, it was an anticlimatic sort of event as I still had to finish out the summer quarter to be really done. On the plus side, I learned that a graduation gown is pretty much the only article of clothing that can camoflouge me being 6 months pregnant. I might also point out the yellow Honor cords I am sporting...
I also have to add that I was very unimpressed w/ how Cal Poly ran their graduation ceremony (that is, the smaller, program specific one). Tim & Brecken ended up missing the whole thing! Which, by the way, I am still mad about. Luckily, as I post this now (at the end of August), I am officially finished w/ grad school and so it is much easier to say that, in retrospect, all the time, energy and sacrifice was worth it.
Probably the best part of my graduation was that my mom and youngest sisters came. It was so fun to have them and so nice of them to make the trip all the way out here. I think they had an awesome vacation as they traveled up the coast and Brecken, Tim & I really enjoyed them.

I feel I have a lot of people to thank for helping me make it through these last couple years, which were so much harder than I ever would have imagined: Tim, of course, for being endlessley patient with me; Brecken, for being a resilient child; Julie, for helping me raise Brecken and being my go-to babysitter; Amy, for donating her summers to Brecken & I; and all my other babysitters (Sara, Melissa, Heather, Vanessa, etc.). Thank you so much!