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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Brecken's 1st Official Haircut


Here is my beautiful baby's flowing golden locks before Friday morning. And...


And here he is during the traumatic event. I told the nice lady, "I really love his hair long, he just needs a trim." (This was our first time having a professional cut instead of me fighting him w/ the scissors.) The nice lady whipped out her scissors of death and began snipping. "Oh, it's just not laying right. He has wings. I'm going to take a little more off." And voila! All of his curls are gone and I am very sad. He looks like a big boy, not a baby, and I miss his flowing golden locks.

On an unrelated note, for those who appreciated my chocolate chip flax-seed cookies Fri night, I actually use ground flax meal rather than the unground seed.

And on another note, Brecken has learned how to climb out of his crib. Which he does with startling regularity. I just keep putting him back in it until he falls asleep, which he always eventually does, but dang! That's a lot of work.