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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Baby Teague Finally Arrives!

 A mere EIGHT days late, Teague finally decided to make his entrance into this world on Sunday, Sept. 19th. My water sort of broke around 8:00 am on Sunday morning, but no contractions...what? So after a couple hours, we went to the hospital where we spent another few hours hanging out. Literally: I walked laps around the hospital, took a little nap, had some visitors...nothing was happening. It was very strange because it was so unlike my labor w/ Brecken. At 4:00 my midwife decided to check me out and she consequently fully broke my water (did you know there are 2 layers to the amniotic sac?). That definitely got the ball rolling. The contractions were legit, but manageable for the first hour and a half and then we got really serious. When he was ready, he was definitely ready. When I thought I couldn't take it anymore, I asked for an epidural, but by then his head was coming out and it was, indeed, time to push. Teague was born at 7:04. So to recap, that was 8 hours of nothing really, and 3 hours of labor/pushing. I have to say, the recovery was SO much easier without an epidural and I felt a lot better quickly after his birth.
 Here's our little angel. He looks a lot like Brecken, not so much like Tim or I. Stats: Teague Garten Jones weighed in at 8 lbs, 3 oz and 20 inches long. The midwife commented on his rather long hands & feet and suggested that the reason he was so comfortable inside was his super thick umbilical cord. Why rush out when he was so well-nourished?
Two days in the hospital due to Group B Strep, but we had excellent nurses (Miryam!). A week and a half later, Teague has already surpassed his birth weight. What a champ!