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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fall is in the Air

Tim & I both had Monday off, which was awesome, so we took Brecken to Avila Barn with some good friends. We went on a hayride, picked pumpkins, fed the animals, went through the hay maze, and ate tasty treats.

Family photo op.
Here's Brecken picking just the right one.

Got a little tired after all the hoopla.


So, this picture is a little gross, but I had to show off this crazy bruise I got from my gallbladder surgery a couple weeks ago. I was excited to get it out b/c my gallbladder has been making me sick for a year now, but the timing was not ideal because I had the surgery on Friday and then classes started on Tuesday and Wednesday I started my traineeship (I now have 2 part-time jobs, full-time school, and, of course, a 2 yr old). Anyway, the first 2 weeks were pretty rough. I was super tired and definitely sore, but I am all healed now and feeling great. Not only that, I can eat fat with wild abandon (well, not really, actually, but at least I won't spend a weekend puking my guts out if I have some olive oil).

P.S. They had to pump my stomach full of gas, hence the swollen look. I do do the occasional sit-up.