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Monday, July 5, 2010

Trip to Colorado

May was an emotional month: I lost the diamond out of my wedding ring, Brecken turned 3, and my sister graduated from high school. But saddest of all was that my Grandma passed away. This necessitated a trip to Colorado, which turned into a week-long affair in an attempt to make both the funeral and the graduation. I was thrilled that Tim was able to take time off work and come with us and even more excited that I got to see all my family at once (which hasn't happened in forever) and spend a week with them, even though it was for a sad reason.
Here's Brecken loving every second of the plane ride.

We managed to have quite a bit of fun on our trip and see some old friends. We visited the Denver Zoo w/ our good friends from college, Meg & Dan and their two children. We also got to eat at Cafe Rio (woo-hoo) and meet Lindsey & Robert for dinner.
And, of course, the happy part of our visit (and the LONGEST graduation ceremony I have ever seen in my life): Congratulations, Bre!
Seriously, the ceremony was over two hours, complete with fireworks and almost a full hour of musical numbers. Might I add that there were only 100 graduates in the class?

Brecken Turns 3!

Much to my chagrin, Brecken experienced the joys of Chuck E. Cheese at a young age (thank you, Gilen) and LOVED it. Thus, we decided to celebrate his 3rd birthday at said germy location. He had a great time, but I learned something: who gets stuck eating the gross, over-priced pizza? Not the party-going children who are having too much fun to sit down and eat, but their bored/stressed-out parents.

Overall, he had a blissful experience. And I guess it was worth it because he still talks about his birthday party at Chuck E Cheese, even now, two months later.