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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Catch Up (again)

Sorry it's been so long, I really am still alive (barely, it feels like). So let's see what we've missed in the last couple months.
This picture is for my mom: Brecken in his cute church outfit.

So in January, we woke up one morning and our bedroom was flooded! Bummer! Luckily, we're pretty experienced w/ floods, so we could take care of most of it ourselves. The worst part was having to live in the living room for 2 weeks.

In February, we had the pleasure of a visit from our good friends from Wyoming. Lindsey (one of my best friends from college), her husband Robert and their adorable daughter Emma stopped by on their road trip/vacation. It was so fun to see them!

Last weekend was our annual Primary Easter Egg Hunt and my in-laws were kind enough to volunteer their house for our entire ward to enjoy their beautiful yard. We even had real live adorable rabbits and professional photos. Plus a total of 425 eggs. It was great!
Thanks to my wonderful counselors: Kate, Kelsey & Lora who helped make it all possible!

Brecken does not just look serious in this picutre. His mouth is completely stuffed w/ candy! I guess if one piece is good, 10 at a time is better.

On your mark, Get set, Go!


Linds said...

Yeah a fun Eater Egg hunt! That is such a good picture of us. Can you email it to me? I hope you're feeling ok? Ashley is having a girl!

Ellie said...

OK, what happened to Brecks golden curly locks?? And why does he look so big!!!??

April said...

Brecken is adorable, I love his hair. So are you the Primary President in your ward?

Trish said...

Looks like a great Easter egg hunt! That would be a fun primary activity. Congratulations on the pregnancy too! That is so exciting.

The Collard Clan said...

Your primary rocks! I'm the primary pres and we didn't do anything cool - I feel like such a loser! (jk) And a huge congrats on the baby bump! You make a super cute prego mommy. We are expecting our 4th and believe me...My body doesn't look near as cute as yours! I think we are about the same weeks pregnant - how cool is that! :-)