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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Road Trip

Ok, so I'm really playing a little catch-up here: My wonderful sister, Amy, stayed with us for a couple months this summer as my own personal nanny. She was fantastic and it was so fun to have her here. I definitely miss her!

So our big vacation this year was a super long road trip. Just Tim, Brecken, and my sister Alyssa and I. Alyssa replaced my other sister, Amy, as my nanny. She was great fun to have around and reminded me of what it's like to be 13. I also miss Alyssa's sweet little face. But I digresse. So we drove to Las Vegas on our first day. Here's a picture of the van, which we were lucky enough to be able to borrow (pretty sure my Civic wouldn't make the trip). In this particular photo, it was broken down, awaiting a tow truck next to Circus Circus. It was a big bummer that we missed our scheduled lunch at Cafe Rio w/ Chris & Emily, who were also vacationing in Vegas at the time.

We stayed at the Luxor in Las Vegas and had a great time swimming (it was stinkin' hot) and went with Chris & Emily to see a show (Mystere), which made me want to take gymnastics.

After Vegas, we went to Utah, where we checked on our house and saw Tim's Aunt Cary & Uncle Steve, whom we love staying with, and we also saw my old friend from college, Adrienne, which was great.

From Utah, we headed on up to my hometown of Afton, WY for my 10 year high school reunion. I can't believe it's been 10 years! I still feel like I'm in high school half the time. My mom met us up there and we had a great weekend. I showed Tim all the sights and saw lots of old friends. It was like a real trip down memory lane (complete with a hometown parade involving rodeo princesses and 5 yr olds driving four wheelers). It was so great to visit my old ward, the house I grew up in, and my dad's grave, but the best part was definitely having my mom come up and spend time w/ Brecken!

The high school reunion activites kicked off w/ a 5K run, which Tim & I did. It was really fun to run w/ some old high school friends through a gorgeous canyon. However, it was only 47 degrees at the start of the race!

I really think Star Valley is one of the most beautiful places on earth and here is a little sample of why. It was so great to go back "home" and it was also good to realize that I've moved on in my life (in some ways).
We stopped through Boise on our way home and spent a couple days with Tim's Aunt Joni & Uncle Gene, his cousin Shannon & her family. We did more swimming and ate great food. Brecken was an unbelievable stud of a traveler, I was super impressed w/ how well he did. We ended up going 2200 miles in 8 days. Whew! We only had a few emotional break-downs (and let's just say they weren't all Brecken), so that's pretty good.


Linds said...

How fun! It sounds like you had a great trip!

Liz said...

I just saw Mystere this summer too. I loved all the costumes and acrobatics involved. The baby was one of the funniest parts. Sounds like a fun road trip, minus the broken down vehicle!!

Jena said...

I was so glad I got to see you - looks like you had a fun trip - take care, girl!

Mark, Steph, & Alex Toone said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I wish I could have gone to the reunion :( Maybe I will see you again someday.

Ellie said...

1. you're hair looks great in that shot with breckon at the hotel
2. I had an emotional break down just thinking about your road trip.