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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Time Out

No picture for this little doozy, but Brecken gave both Tim and I a time-out today! He made me sit in his room with the door closed and he put a sticker over my mouth so I couldn't talk. It was hilarious (though he was very serious about it).

P.S. For those of you about to call my work on me, I swear I have never taped his mouth shut in any way. He doesn't even get time-outs in his room.


Carolynn said...

That is funny! You've got a very smart boy there. Is it bad that some days I want to put myself on a time out? Just wondered. :)

Karen and Wade said...

ok as funny as this is I acctually did put tape on one of my daughters during time out thank goodness my youngest is 20 and people didn't call for putting tape on kids mouths she just would keep quiet will on time out..... she was 8 or 9 (no it wasn't lyss)
I know better now :)