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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

2 Weeks to Go

Tim & I finished off the month of July by going to see Weezer at the Mid-State Fair. They were fantastic, as always.

Which brings us current to today. I have (roughly) 2 weeks to go until this little man makes his appearance. I am seriously huge, but carry it all in my stomach, which makes it so that (as my mother-in-law pointed out) my stomach actually precedes me into a room. It's like it is its own entity. I'm surprised there aren't moons circling it or something. But as uncomfortable as it is, I am in no rush to get him out. I'm glad to have a couple weeks to get myself and my house ready, plus really focus on Brecken. So my next post will probably be in a couple months and be all about the new baby. Yeah!!


April said...

You look fantastic!! Good luck with all the prep (mentally, physically etc.) that comes with having a new baby!!! Tell Timmy I say hi and congrats again!

Jena said...

You look great - good luck with the new little one and I can't wait to see pics!