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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Vegas, Baby!

To celebrate my very pure and wholesome sister's 21st birthday, we decided to take a little girl's trip to Vegas, of course. Are we trying to corrupt the one genuinely good girl in our family? Apparently. But it was her choice, she'd been dreaming of it for years.
We had a great time, seeing the sights, working on our tans at the pool, going to some shows, and, most of all, being together. I would have to say that being 7 months pregnant in Vegas makes it a different and not altogether more pleasant experience....


Linds said...

The Gartens take on Vegas! I'm sure the city is still recovering. How fun! It was so nice of you to help out Barrack with his work. I am so many other things to say. Congrats on your graduation! I am really proud of you! You kept going even when it was really tough! Enjoy these last two weeks! Don't worry everything will work out beautifully! I just realized that I have an exclamation point at the end of every sentence. Well, here goes another one. You lost the diamond out of your wedding ring! Did you find it? Call me if you get a chance. Enjoy domestic bliss!

Camie Rae said...

Hey! That's awesome! And I have to say, Vegas just isn't the same when you're pregnant. I went twice when I was pregnant with Izacc...and man oh man! Walking the strip took a lot longer!! How fun though!